Why should thousands of people have queued for hours in 1954 in bomb-damaged London to find out more about the young god whose handsome head with its snaky curls of hair had just been pulled out of the mud and rubble of a Roman temple?

Why had there been an attempt nearly two thousand years before to destroy every piece of evidence about the mysterious god and his cult worldwide?

Why should some churches today still be disinclined to discover what lies at the bottom of their foundations?

What possible connection could all this have with a chessboard and why should Alice have had to pass through seven doors as she made her way through her adventures in Wonderland?  She had to wait until she went through the looking glass to get her royal crown with its radiate spikes

William Shakespeare was so fascinated by the complexities of kingship, he used the word ‘crown’ 380 times in his plays. Why?

This is a fascinating, dangerous subject and the answers are complex indeed. It might take a while, but what an interesting journey it could be... Meanwhile, a visit to see the fabulous finds in the Museum of London from the Temple of Mithras in Walbrook in the City of London is surely a must. The Walbrook Temple was found in 1954. The Mithraic artefacts that were unearthed are unique in the UK.