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"Cobbett was a brilliant writer, Hunt a legendary orator. With words of passion both penetrated to the core of political and social issues. They were allies and rivals, and the story of their relationship has never before been told. Penny Young has now done so, with verve, insights and surprises. Her account not only sheds light on a generation in English history, but reminds us that their message was of significance not just to their generation, but has political relevance for today's Britain."
Peter Clark

"Two Cocks on the Dunghill shows the real need for something beyond mere political biography."
John Belchem (Belchem's political biography, 'Orator Hunt', has been republished by Breviary Stuff and is available.) 

"a brilliant piece of original research and reminded me that each generation has to fight the same battles again and again - for there is no final victory and no final defeat." Tony Benn

"Congratulations!" Richard Ingrams

" ... first rate. Very impressive! Your prose style is excellent and the originality of the project speaks for itself." Heather McCallum

" ... diligent and exhaustive research which has endowed a well-written book with a wealth of insight not only into the complex personalities of Cobbett and Hunt but into the personal courage with which they conducted their campaign." Bexhill-on-Sea Observer

" ... a rivetting detailed account of the relationship between two authorative individuals, William Cobbett and Henry Hunt, both intent on Parliamentary Reform." Barbara Biddell, Chairman William Cobbett Society.

Two Cocks on the Dunghill - William Cobbett and Henry Hunt: their friendship, feuds and fights

Penny Young

Published by Twopenny Press

Designed and produced by Gilmour Print, Stewarton Ayrshire Scotland

ISBN 978-0-956170330

394 pages with 21 illustrations including rare contemporary caricatures and 2 colour pictures.

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