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Our small, radically different publishing venture was established with much hard work in Norfolk in 2009. Two Cocks on the Dunghill - William Cobbett and Henry Hunt: their friendship, feuds and fights came first. Ups and Downs along the Black Sea in the reverse footsteps of Xenophon and Coffeehouse Footnotes by Peter Clark followed. Then came Dura Europos A City for Everyman. We can now present The Friends and Following of Richard Carlile by Michael Laccohee Bush. To find out more,  view specimen pages and buy the books at a discount, go to the 'buy' section on the right above. Copies can also be ordered through book shops.

Twopenny Press is infused with and inspired by the spirit of those two leading early nineteenth century radical reformers, Cobbett and Hunt. To make use of some lines that Cobbett wrote in the issue of the Political Register, published 30 June 1832, when he finally presented his weighty Geographical Dictionary to his readers:

"At last! Never will we undertake a job like this again! To give a full description of this result of prodigious labour is due to our readers as well as to ourselves. We want to sell our books, and they all ought to have the useful information that they contain."